Your Questions About Windshield Chip Repair, Answered

Your questions about windshield chip repair, answered!

  1. How does it work?
    1. Windshield Chip repair is done by forcing an epoxy into the damaged area. This epoxy seeps in, bonds to the glass, and when it cures strengthens the damaged area and helps prevent the spread of any further damage.
  2. I can still see it – is it fixed?
    1. Yes – while windshield repair will help reduce the visibility of the chip, it may not totally eliminate it if the damage is more severe. But, even if it is still visible, the glass has been repaired, is safe, and should prevent the chip from spreading further.
    2. Your windshield repair is backed by the Signature Guarantee. If the damage does spread after a repair with Signature, simply contact us, and we’ll happily credit the cost of the repair towards replacement if necessary.
  3. Will it pass inspection?
    1. To verify your windshield has been repaired, keep your invoice.
  4. Why do I need a full windshield replacement, instead of just chip repair?
    1. Chip repair is an option when the damage is small, shallow, and contained. However, replacement of the windshield is necessary if damage extends too far or there are too many cracks, if the damage is too deep, or is too close to the edge of the windshield. Learn more about the difference here.
    2. At Signature, balancing safety with the best customer experience possible is important. If we attempt a chip repair but determine mid-service that the damage is too great to be repaired safely, we will credit the cost of the repair towards your windshield replacement.

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